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My Impressions About Using Vim In Earnest.

At first, I've been light vim user who use it only in environment of like CLI.
But I decided to use Vim for every kind of my development, taking memo or something like that.
The reason why I did above is Vim's mobility, reasonableness and extensibility...some reasons are there but the most important for me is just "Vim is Cool".

Before using vim for development in earnest, I thought that it's realy going to confuse me and hard to use it, But actually it wasn't no matter enough.
I could smoothly migrated usual editor from "atom" to "vim".
And now it's pretty comfortable for me.

I use 3rd party plugins to improve vim experiment and I really respect people who develop them.
These're my favorites like below.


In the middle of fixing though, This is my .vimrc.
GitHub - kentaro-a/evil-vim